Tips For Achieving Hair With More Volume

If you have thin hair, you might feel worried that your hair does not look as good as it could due to its lack of volume. You also might have a hard time styling it because you simply don't have as much hair as the styles call for. Here are some tips for getting hair with more volume.

1. Blow Dry Upside Down

If you do blow dry your hair, try blow drying it upside down. Do this by flipping your hair over your head and having it dangle towards the floor while you bend forward at the waist. Take your blow dryer and start at the root of your hair, working your way down. This will essentially blow your hair up into a much more full position so that it looks as though you have more hair than you actually do. This is a good way to temporarily improve the look of your hair while waiting for other steps that you have taken to kick in. You get bonus volume if you immediately add a layer of dry shampoo to your hair's roots. This will help absorb any oils that could weigh down your hair strands ahead of time, therefore decreasing your volume, as well as add some volume itself.

2. Use a Volume Boosting Conditioner

Another step that you can take is to use a volume boosting leave-in conditioner. These conditioners will help heal the hair that you have right now, helping it look a lot healthier and better looking. Having healthy looking hair can boost the amount of volume that your hair appears to have, helping you feel more satisfied with your appearance. Try to leave the conditioner in as long as you have time for in order to increase how effective it is.

3. Sleep in a Bun After Showering

Finally, consider sleeping in a bun after showering. Dry your hair with a towel. While your hair is still damp, pull your hair up into a bun using a scrunchie. Try to get this bun to be located at the top of your head so that when you're lying down, you won't be uncomfortable. This will cause your hair to dry in a position where it is lifted away from the scalp, allowing you to achieve a greater degree of volume when you take it out of the bun in the morning.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in leave-in conditioner, such as Envii Haircare.