Becoming Bare: 3 Ways to Ease the Pain of a Bikini Wax

Warm months are just ahead, and many people are starting to plan trips to the beach or to an outdoor swimming pool. If you have a lot of hair on your nether regions and would like to avoid any embarrassing situations when wearing a bikini, your best bet is to get a bikini wax. If you've never gotten a bikini wax before, one word of advice: prepare yourself for the pain. A bikini wax is infinitely more painful than waxing your legs or your underarms. If you tend to have a low pain tolerance, these 3 tips might really help you out.

Avoid Pre-Menstrual and Menstrual Phases

Knowing when to schedule an appointment for a bikini wax can really help you avoid getting the procedure done when you are most sensitive. Studies have shown that estrogen levels in your body might affect your somatic sensory process. To put it in layman's terms, your menstrual cycle might affect your pain tolerance. In general, you are more sensitive to pain during pre-menstrual and menstrual phases and less sensitive during mid-menstrual and ovulatory phases. In short, avoid scheduling a bikini wax appointment just before and during the time when you're on your period.

Pop an Advil or Tylenol

Another good way to numb the pain is to take a painkiller ahead of time. Pop an Advil or Tylenol before your appointment, and you'll be a bit less sensitive to the pain. Keep in mind that the Advil or Tylenol might make your more susceptible to bruising, which is why it's vital that you find an experienced technician that will get the job done properly.

Exfoliate Before Your Appointment

If the wax has a good grip on fine hairs in your nether region, the waxing process will be much swifter and less painful. To prevent the wax from grabbing onto dead skin cells and anything that isn't hair, exfoliate before your appointment. Use a mild exfoliate that will not irritate your skin. Exfoliating will also give you a cleaner wax, helping to prevent ingrown hairs that become trapped under dead skin.

The environment where you are getting a bikini wax can also affect how comfortable the entire process might be. You want to look for a clinic that offers a relaxing and sterile environment with calming music and a comfortable place for you to lie down while you're getting waxed. Do remember that your nether regions will be a bit sensitive after getting waxed, so avoid any activities that might irritate the skin there any further. Talk to professionals at salons like Smile Skin Care Salon for more information.