Six Health Mistakes That Can Make a Man Less Fertile

A man's lifestyle and everyday habits can have a huge impact on his fertility and the motility of his sperm. Unfortunately, many men have bad habits that make it harder for them to achieve pregnancy with their partner. 

If you're currently struggling with sperm motility issues that are making it difficult for your partner to conceive, you should be aware of the following six health mistakes that can compromise a man's fertility:

Having a diet that's insufficient in folate

Many people are aware of the fact that adequate folate or folic acid intake is important for women who are hoping to become pregnant. However, it's not as well known that men also need to take in adequate amounts of folate to keep their sperm as healthy as possible.

Folate is found in foods like green leafy vegetables, beans, and certain fruits. Men who are struggling with fertility issues may want to boost their folate intake to improve sperm health. 


Smoking is harmful to sperm because it restricts circulation and could disrupt a man's hormone production. Quitting smoking is important for men looking for ways to boost their fertility. 

Consuming excessive quantities of alcohol

Studies have shown a relationship between alcohol consumption and reductions in male fertility. In fact, consuming only five alcoholic beverages each week could potentially cause a man's sperm to be inferior in quality. It's therefore best to stop drinking completely, at least temporarily, if you're looking to become a father as soon as possible. 

Weighing too much or too little

Men are likely to struggle with low sperm count and limited sperm motility if they are overweight. At the same time, a man's body will struggle to spare enough energy for adequate sperm production if he is underweight.

Men looking to boost their fertility should manage their diet and exercise regime so that they stay at a healthy weight. 

Eating produce that may be contaminated by pesticide residue

Certain chemical pesticides have been shown to detract from the reproductive potential of both men and women. Men should try to eat organic when possible and always carefully rinse fresh produce before eating it to purify it of any residues. 

Spending too much time in very hot environments

A man can have trouble producing adequate amounts of viable sperm if he spends a lot of time soaking in hot baths or relaxing in saunas. High temperatures can sedate a man's reproductive system and make it less productive. 

For more information about what habits you should break in order to be as fertile as possible, talk to doctors at centers like Crown Fertility.