3 Benefits of Wearing a Cold Cap When Going Through Chemotherapy for Cancer

While chemotherapy has proven to be an effective form of treating cancer, it can really take a toll on your body. Many people lose all of their hair during chemotherapy treatment, which is something that can have a very negative impact on their self esteem. Thankfully, there are now certain things that you can do to combat this hair loss, as well as other side effects. This can be done by wearing something known as a cold cap. This article is going to discuss three benefits of wearing a cold cap when going through chemotherapy for cancer.

Keep Your Hair

When you wear a cold cap, your hair follicles are going to enter a state of hibernation. Because of this, they are not going to fall out like they normally would if they were in an active state. By wearing your cold cap during your chemotherapy treatments, you are able to hibernate your hairs and effectively keep them from falling out. You will need to make sure that you put the cap on before the treatment begins, and to keep it on for a bit after the treatment ends, but if you do this, you are likely going to get some great results and won't have to go through the negative experience of losing all of your hair. 

Reduce Swelling 

Wearing a cold cap will help reduce swelling as well. This is possible because the blood vessel are going to constrict, rather than enlarging and allowing more blood to flow through. This can help to reduce the pain that is associated with swelling, which is a great thing if you are going through chemotherapy for cancer because you likely feel enough pain, so any reduction of pain is going to be welcomed. 

Relieve Headaches and Migraines 

A side effect that can sometimes come along with chemotherapy and cancer in general is going to be headaches and migraines. Thankfully, the cold cap is going to be able to help with this as well. As a side effect of the constricted vessels, you are going to feel less pain in your head. This will in turn reduce how much you feel a headache or migraine that you are experiencing, thus making the pain more manageable for you. 

Talk with your doctors and companies that manufacture and sell cold caps for more information about preserving your hair and other benefits during chemotherapy for cancer treatment.