Surviving The Scissors: Five Tips For Your Toddler’s First Haircut

Your toddler's first haircut can be a traumatic experience. Some children surmise that it will hurt when someone cuts their hair with scissors, and others simply don't want to sit still long enough to get their hair cut properly. But everyone has to have their hair cut eventually, and there are plenty of ways to make this experience easier on your child... and on yourself.

1. Choose a barber who specializes in kids' cuts.

You may be tempted to just bring your son or daughter along to your own barber or beautician, but it's better to seek out someone who specializes in kids' cuts. They'll know how to calm children down and how to be gentle throughout the process. Some barbers even have special, colorful or robotic chairs for kids to sit in, which can help take their mind off the haircut.

2. Let them watch you.

Before you bring your child to the barber shop for their haircut, let them come along to your haircut appointment once or twice. As they watch you get your hair cut without crying or expressing signs of pain, they will realize it does not hurt and that there's nothing to be scared of. You let them also watch older siblings' haircuts if you feel they need to watch the process in the same child's barber chair they'll be sitting in for their own cut.

3. Bring snacks.

Pack a bag of your child's favorite crackers or cookies to bring along to the barber shop. You can let him or her munch on a few while the haircut is happening. The snacks make for a great distraction. Just make sure it's not something sticky so they don't touch the snack and then their hair, making a mess.

4. Don't rush.

Schedule the appointment when you have plenty of time so that the barber can pause in the middle, if needed, without you having to worry that you'll be late for your next obligation. When you make the appointment, tell the barber that it is a "first haircut." They can then plan accordingly and leave more time open before their next appointment. When nobody is rushing, the whole mood tends to stay more calm, which will keep your child calm.

5. Bring a helper.

See if your partner or an older sibling can come along with you to the appointment. It's helpful to have an extra pair of hands or someone else to help console your child if they react poorly to the haircut.  

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