Keratin And Keratin Treatments — Is It For You?

Do you have curly, frizzy, dry, and hard-to-manage hair? A dose of keratin may help. Keratin occurs naturally in our hair, nails, and the outer layers of our skin, as well as in other animals' claws, feathers, and horns. It works by providing protein to the hair cuticle, thus strengthening damaged hair. It helps lessen the frizz in someone's hair and heals damage that has been created through coloring and using heat.

The Keratin Treatment Process

There is a distinct difference between buying products that contain keratin, and getting a keratin treatment at a salon, however. There are several different types of keratin treatments.  Most follow a similar process.

A keratin treatment at a salon is a lengthy process.  It entails a combination of chemicals and heat to provide semi-permanent results.  Your hair will be straight and shiny for several months after the treatment if you can endure the one- to three-hour process of the keratin treatment.

To begin with, the stylist will shampoo your hair to remove any oils or excess hair product. They will not use a conditioner after the shampoo process and then proceed by roughly drying the hair until it is just about dry. After that portion of the process is complete, they will apply the actual keratin treatment and allow it to process. This takes some time as they need to be sure to coat every part of your hair. After the product is on the hair and fully processed, they will blow dry your hair and methodically flatiron it. It seems counterproductive to then shampoo it, but that is the next step. This is to rinse out the excess keratin treatment from your hair. They will apply the sealing serum and then blow dry it.

Aftercare for Your Hair

Depending on the type of keratin treatment you opt to go with will determine if you can wash your hair immediately after or have to wait a few days to be able to do so. Regardless, the results will be less frizz so much so that you will not need to devote so much time to doing your hair each day.

It is not recommended to get a full keratin treatment if you have extremely damaged hair caused by bleaching or fine, thin hair. The treatment can ultimately further damage already damaged hair or break thin, fine hair. In these instances, simply buying a product with keratin in it will help smooth your hair.

Whichever option is best for your hair type and situation, keratin provides several solutions for your individual hair needs. Reach out to a professional who provides keratin treatments for more information.