Why Isn’t Your CBD Pain Relief Cream Working?

CBD is an excellent, natural solution for pain relief. It works especially well when it is applied topically to the skin over the joints or muscles where you are experiencing pain. But what if you've purchased and applied CBD pain relief cream, but it is not having the effect you expected? Here are a few possible reasons for your lack of results, along with recommendations for addressing them.

You may not be applying enough.

Everyone needs a different amount of CBD to get their desired effects. You might need more or less than a friend with the exact same pain condition. So, if you are applying a CBD pain relief cream to your skin and your pain is persisting, the most likely explanation is that you're just not applying enough. Try using one and a half times as much as you're using currently, and see if you notice a difference. If you still don't get enough relief, apply two times as much as you were initially using. Make sure you really rub the cream in so it can be absorbed completely through your skin. You may want to apply a little, let it absorb, and then apply a bit more.

You may not be using a strong enough product.

If you're dealing with pretty intense pain, then you may need to use a stronger CBD solution. Look for one that is labeled 2,000 mg. This means that the entire bottle or tube of lotion contains 2,000 mg of CBD full spectrum pain relief cream. You'll get more potent pain relief from this product than from one that contains less CBD. Leave those less-potent products for people who are dealing with topical skin problems, which require less CBD to manage than pain conditions.

You may be putting clothing on right after applying the CBD.

Think about your routine right after you apply the CBD cream. Do you immediately put clothing on over the area where you applied the product? This could be why you're not getting enough pain relief. Some of the CBD may be being absorbed into the clothing. For more profound effects, make sure you leave the area uncovered for a few minutes after applying the CBD cream. Don't put clothes on until the cream is fully absorbed.

If your CBD pain relief cream is not working, look into the possibilities above. These problems are all pretty easy to address.