Learning More About Hair Care

Three Things You Need To Know About Preventive Botox

Many individuals view Botox injections as a procedure that you utilize to remedy wrinkles once they appear on your face. However, Botox injections can also be used to prevent or delay wrinkles from appearing on your face in the first place ; this is known as preventive Botox. Here are a few things you need to know about preventive Botox. 1. Preventive Botox Can Lessen Your Need for Future Anti-Aging Treatments Read More 

3 Health Conditions To Discuss With Your Barber

If you are visiting a new barbershop, it may be a good idea to discuss any current health conditions with your barber. When your hairstylist is aware of any medical disorders that you have that may cause allergic reactions, pain, or sensitivity of the scalp, he or she can take extra precautions to make sure you are comfortable during your appointment. Here are three health conditions to discuss with your barber prior to getting your services: Read More 

3 Tips For Helping Your Hair Color Last Longer

Most salons use a semi-permanent dye on your hair when they color it. Because of this, you can be guaranteed that it will fade overtime. Since most people love the initial color that they have when they leave the salon, they want to do all that they can to keep this color for as long as possible. Thankfully, there are certain things that you can do to keep your color looking bright and vibrant between your trips to the salon. Read More 

Five Things Not To Do To Your Clip-In Extensions

Clip-in extensions are great for anyone looking to have fuller or longer hair. Clip-ins are painless and easy to care for, and they are not noticeable. However, many people make mistakes when wearing clip-in extensions that can lead to problems. Here are five things you should not do: Bleach the Extensions: Most likely, the clip-in extensions that you have were already put through a number of chemical treatments, and bleaching can just completely destroy them. Read More 

Surviving The Scissors: Five Tips For Your Toddler’s First Haircut

Your toddler's first haircut can be a traumatic experience. Some children surmise that it will hurt when someone cuts their hair with scissors, and others simply don't want to sit still long enough to get their hair cut properly. But everyone has to have their hair cut eventually, and there are plenty of ways to make this experience easier on your child... and on yourself. 1. Choose a barber who specializes in kids' cuts. Read More