Learning More About Hair Care

No Moles? 4 Other Signs Of Skin Cancer You Should Be Concerned About

From exercising and following a well-balanced diet to visiting your doctor regularly, these tasks will help you live a physically and emotionally healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, certain conditions may arise that can affect your well-being even though you follow your doctor's recommendations. Skin cancer is one of these conditions that can develop in people of all ages and genders without proper care and protection of the skin. While shocking to learn, this form of cancer is also very deadly, killing over 10,000 people in the United States each year. Read More 

How To Prevent And Undo Damage To Your Hair

Your hair can get damaged from any number of things. It can get damaged from coloring, not getting regular trims, using heat on your hair, or from using chemical treatments on your hair. The damage your hair endures can be repaired, so don't worry too much. Take the time to take better care of your hair if it is damaged from these or other things, and prevent future damage to your hair by following the tips below: Read More 

Three Options For Fading Your Age Spots

As you age, it is normal for the skin to develop darkened spots and patches. Known as age spots, these can be made worse by frequent sun exposure. Covering them with concealer or foundation is a good temporary measure for hiding them, but if you want to really fade your age spots, you'll need to take more drastic measures. Here's a look at your options. Fading Creams The least invasive and least expensive treatment option for age spots is fading creams. Read More 

3 Benefits of Wearing a Cold Cap When Going Through Chemotherapy for Cancer

While chemotherapy has proven to be an effective form of treating cancer, it can really take a toll on your body. Many people lose all of their hair during chemotherapy treatment, which is something that can have a very negative impact on their self esteem. Thankfully, there are now certain things that you can do to combat this hair loss, as well as other side effects. This can be done by wearing something known as a cold cap. Read More 

Six Health Mistakes That Can Make a Man Less Fertile

A man's lifestyle and everyday habits can have a huge impact on his fertility and the motility of his sperm. Unfortunately, many men have bad habits that make it harder for them to achieve pregnancy with their partner.  If you're currently struggling with sperm motility issues that are making it difficult for your partner to conceive, you should be aware of the following six health mistakes that can compromise a man's fertility: Read More